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The Top Six Restaurants To Watch Out For

Posted by Saito on June 11, 2009


K guys this topic is important, popular restaurants with bad food makes a bad combination. But they have their good sides…you just have to know exactly what’s crap and what’s good to eat. Let’s mark The Top 6 Restaurants To Watch Out For:

1. Applebees


Your typical “Grilled Steak Caesar Salad with toast” may appear light and friendly to your waste line at first…but note that this is a Caesar Salad! (Seen my other posts? Caesar Salad had become toxic!! They have ruined a great salad…stay away unless it’s your own creation of the tasty salad.) Now for the statics…the Caesar salad at Applebees has about 1,296 calories, 83 grams and worst of all 2,200 milligrams of sodium.

Conclusion: Avoid if all possible.

2. Cheese Factory


“Stuffed Chicken Tortillas” are one of those killers that seriously pack on the pounds, statistics: 1,097 calories, 43 grams of fat and last but not in any way the least 2,647 milligrams of sodium…

*Appetite has been ruined*

3. Chili’s


They have a meal that can really make your waste line fill in, their “Onion String Crispy Jalapeno Stack” appetizer is an incredible waste product for your body, statistics: 2,130 calories, 213 grams of fat and 1,320 milligrams of sodium.

Conclusion: Are we talking about normal food here?! Why ruin so much good food 😦

4. T.G.I. Friday’s


Yuck already as we look at the “Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad”…this little number has about 750 calories and 10 pats of butter!!

That’s way too much butter how can people choke it down…

5. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Horizon.jpeg

“Aussie-tizers Kookaburra Wings with Sauce” are not the best appetizers out there…you eat this mini-meal and you’ll be getting 1,160 calories and 75 grams of fat!!

Conclusion: I like my main meal, the appetizer’s really aren’t necessary unless you want to fatten up!

6. Ruby Tuesdays


“Ruby Minis” are the killers in this restaurant, they pack on 1,122 calories and about 14 pats!!

Conclusion: STAY AWAY FROM APPETIZERS IN GENERAL…unless it’s fruit (lol) or just veggies.

– – – – – – – –

Well guys, if ever you go to these restaurants or any restaurant for that matter…ask around. Find the info for the food your eating, be sure your not eating crap. Try to find the right food’s 😉

Well guys that’s it for now, stay tuned for the next update =D.

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Stay Away From STRESS: Part 3

Posted by Saito on March 10, 2009

Teen Girl Stressed

The big “how can I stay away from stress” question is becoming far more popular everyday, especially since the economy is in a down slide. The pressure is really set in on us teens since “we are the future” (pressure, pressure, pressure…). How can we simply avoid stress? It’s not like we can’t turn it off, it’s in our faces everyday. We need something to help us get out of it…and I have a few idea’s.

Q & A

Alright if you know what to do, then tell me what should I do?

If you have seen my previous post’s (part 1 and part 2) you’ll see I have already had some good advice that works…but is it enough? I know there is even more that you can do right now!

1. First off try to let your problems slide off your shoulders (sound familiar?), if you ponder over something too much you’ll burn out and your stress levels will increase.

2. Second, find help. Some things you don’t need to keep to yourself, if you know someone who can help then you should ask…keeping it to yourself will only increase your anxiety and worries…

3. Next you have to find a place to chill. Even if it’s just for a few minutes try and find time for yourself.

4. Lastly do not let anyone push you over the edge, ignore incoming insults or problems trying to throw you off guard.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Since I can’t be with you and try to help you maybe my advice can. Life can be extremely annoying and privacy can often be invaded…the best thing you can do is to try and set things straight; don’t let it get to you. Stress can also cause health problems if your under it’s influence for too long, you have to find your chill time.

Stay tuned for the next update :D.

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Weight Losing tips: Second Step

Posted by Saito on December 8, 2008

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Stay away from cheese, let me explain why.

Cheese is concentrated milk, so whatever amount of fat you had in your milk was doubled in your cheese…it’s eating chunks of starchy food oil :(. Since cheese is so fatty I tend to stay away from it, but having it in small amounts is fine, just don’t have it in everything you choose to eat.

I go to Taco Bell often with my family to get a tasty cheap lunch, but everything there mostly has cheese in everything. So how do you avoid it, still get great flavor and stay healthy in one meal? Here is what I do…I normally order 3 soft taco’s with lettuce and ground beef, I also ask the taco’s to be without cheese. To get the great flavor in a soft taco I just add their Taco Bell sauce inside all three soft taco’s and I get a great lasting flavor throughout all three taco’s. If I want chips and dip on the side I don’t take the cheese dip and I have my chips with Taco Bell sauce, lol still tasty with a spicy tang :D. This is just one location I go with my family for food, I also go to a few other places…

Round Table. Yeah, sometimes my family and I can’t resist the awesome flavor of cheesy pizza. Having pizza every now and then is ok and since I live in America I get it modern style lol. When I walk up to the counter with my parents they order an extra large pizza with extra sauce and we find our spot to sit waiting for the pizza. Normally they hand us cups for soda or water and I now always get the water, Round Table usually has a salad bar, so with it they had a few lemons by the soda fountain, I squeezed some lemons in my water and the flavor was great, perfect replacement for soda :D. I go back to sit down and the pizza is done and brought over for us to enjoy, I grab my slice of pizza, but before I eat I get up and go to the salad bar and grab a large amount of salad so I won’t eat to much pizza. After that I go back and have two slices of pizza (if you can try to keep your amount of pizza to two slices) and then my salad, it’s great and I get whatever healthy thing I want on it that appeals to me. Then afterwards we get up and leave, I feel pretty good about my self when we go and energized because I had a great balanced diet without to much cheese, I don’t have to feel guilty at all, just healthy 😀

Now you know what I do to avoid too much cheese, in some places like Taco Bell I avoid it completely, but in places like Round Table I balance the cheese I have on my pizza with lemon water and a healthy salad, it’s not that hard to avoid cheese. Just take simple steps to avoid it, if your having a sandwich and normally have cheese replace it with a layer of lettuce/tomatoes instead or if you still want cheese on your sandwich only add a small amount and have a healthy snack on the side, it’s that easy and simple to do :D.

Stay posted for the next step 😀

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