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Weight Losing tips: Second Step

Posted by Saito on December 8, 2008

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Stay away from cheese, let me explain why.

Cheese is concentrated milk, so whatever amount of fat you had in your milk was doubled in your cheese…it’s eating chunks of starchy food oil :(. Since cheese is so fatty I tend to stay away from it, but having it in small amounts is fine, just don’t have it in everything you choose to eat.

I go to Taco Bell often with my family to get a tasty cheap lunch, but everything there mostly has cheese in everything. So how do you avoid it, still get great flavor and stay healthy in one meal? Here is what I do…I normally order 3 soft taco’s with lettuce and ground beef, I also ask the taco’s to be without cheese. To get the great flavor in a soft taco I just add their Taco Bell sauce inside all three soft taco’s and I get a great lasting flavor throughout all three taco’s. If I want chips and dip on the side I don’t take the cheese dip and I have my chips with Taco Bell sauce, lol still tasty with a spicy tang :D. This is just one location I go with my family for food, I also go to a few other places…

Round Table. Yeah, sometimes my family and I can’t resist the awesome flavor of cheesy pizza. Having pizza every now and then is ok and since I live in America I get it modern style lol. When I walk up to the counter with my parents they order an extra large pizza with extra sauce and we find our spot to sit waiting for the pizza. Normally they hand us cups for soda or water and I now always get the water, Round Table usually has a salad bar, so with it they had a few lemons by the soda fountain, I squeezed some lemons in my water and the flavor was great, perfect replacement for soda :D. I go back to sit down and the pizza is done and brought over for us to enjoy, I grab my slice of pizza, but before I eat I get up and go to the salad bar and grab a large amount of salad so I won’t eat to much pizza. After that I go back and have two slices of pizza (if you can try to keep your amount of pizza to two slices) and then my salad, it’s great and I get whatever healthy thing I want on it that appeals to me. Then afterwards we get up and leave, I feel pretty good about my self when we go and energized because I had a great balanced diet without to much cheese, I don’t have to feel guilty at all, just healthy šŸ˜€

Now you know what I do to avoid too much cheese, in some places like Taco Bell I avoid it completely, but in places like Round Table I balance the cheese I have on my pizza with lemon water and a healthy salad, it’s not that hard to avoid cheese. Just take simple steps to avoid it, if your having a sandwich and normally have cheese replace it with a layer of lettuce/tomatoes instead or if you still want cheese on your sandwich only add a small amount and have a healthy snack on the side, it’s that easy and simple to do :D.

Stay posted for the next step šŸ˜€

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