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Green Tea Extract: Part 2 Aftermath

Posted by Saito on January 23, 2009

Hey guys! A month ago I made a post about an item called Green Tea Extract, it’s supposed to help clean out your body (and that includes flushing out extra fat!). Here are my results after taking Green Tea Extract for a month and a half:

Green Tea Extract

1. My energy levels boosted up dramatically.

2. I can sleep a full eight hours at nighttime (which means my human growth hormones kick in without any interruption)

3. I’ve lost about a half an inch around my waist line (my gut is practically gone now!)

4. Not only do I notice differences in my health that are good, but I feel better. I feel very clean and energized.

Now THAT is pretty good for only a month and a half’s worth of Green Tea Extract.

Now that you have read my results, I’d like to tell what exactly it is and how you use it.
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Q & A

What exactly is Green Tea Extract?

It’s a concentrated form of the Herb called Green Tea, it comes in a bottle and you place it in your water.

Does it taste good?

You know it really does taste good :D, its even sweet in its own way…

How much should I put in my water?

The bottle comes with a dropper, you simply extract two full droppers of Green Tea Extract and place it in a glass full of water.

When will I began to see results?

Give it about two weeks, you should began to feel and see good results πŸ˜€

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I enjoy taking Green Tea Extract and hope you will too! My mom and sister were watching me take it everyday for a month and a half, they saw my results and wanted to try it with me; I hope they get the same great results as I did πŸ˜€

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4 Responses to “Green Tea Extract: Part 2 Aftermath”

  1. Claudia said

    Great post! Thank you very much for sharing this information, especially for the part when you tell of your own experience. I have theoretically known about the benefits of green tea for a long while, but hearing people tell of how they have tried it and how it helped them, that is most motivating.

  2. Evan said

    Good post. I found out about green tea extract a year or so back when I was looking at supposed weight loss suppliments. It turns out that many of those high price weight loss products contain high amounts of green tea extract and St Johns wart. From what I have read one of the main things that helps out is the caffeine from the green tea. It boosts energy and metabolism.

    Anyways keep up the cool stuff.

  3. admin said

    I will and thanks for your post πŸ˜€

  4. chaiaket said

    I regularly incorporate green tea after my dinner. Well so far it has been giving me positive results. I was told it does boost your metabolism to act faster.

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