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Weight Losing Tips: Third Step

Posted by Saito on January 12, 2009

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Like my mom says “everything in moderation” take your time while eating, have a balanced diet 😀

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT STEPS OF LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING A BALANCED DIET!! Having a balanced meal is essential to losing weight it’s a *must*.  If you view the previous step that dealt with staying away from cheese I had pizza and balanced the amount of cheese I consumed with a large portion of salad, that is a *Very Good* balance, perfect for your body :D.

Then there is a second important part to this, “everything in moderation”. My mom always says to eat in a good moderate direction, take it easy, have something healthy to go with something starchy or oily just like I was explaining above paragraph. Sometimes for lunch at my house I eat left overs from last night, some times it’s pasta or burritos, for lunch though this time I had pasta :D. Normally the pasta is done with thick noodles, the sauce consists of Alfredo sauce, chicken pieces and broccoli. Now this is a completely balanced meal for dinner, but for lunch I normally have an orange or an apple to go with it, you need more energy in the day and a functioning body in every single area inside and out.

The last but not least part of this whole step is very small but important, chewing your food slowly. For me I used to gobble down food without a second thought and not chew it down properly, now I consume my food slowly and speak more often at the table while eating a great meal. Why do I do this? I do this so my body can take the nutrients out of the food properly and waiting for my brain to catch up with how much I am eating, it takes twenty minutes for your brain to realize how much you have taken in to eat…so it’s important to take your time, at dinner time normally your in no rush, take it easy and relax. This is a great way of losing weight and staying healthy :D.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next step =D.

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