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Weight Losing Tips: Eighth Step

Posted by Saito on January 12, 2009

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Well we’ve discussed a healthy balanced diet, now let’s talk about aerobics and exercise.

If your just starting out and have no idea how to start working out, I have a few suggestions for you :D.

1. Take a walk.

Just like that, go out of your home location and walk around your area. It doesn’t need to be very long for starters, just fifteen minutes of your time everyday will help you get you started. When you feel fifteen minutes isn’t enough just increase the amount of time you walk for, and don’t increase to much, just to the point you think you can handle then upgrade again after you feel that it’s still not enough…

2. Start jogging.

After a while you may feel that just walking isn’t enough, you have enough energy to start at another level. Try jogging, just do the same thing you would do before for fifteen minutes everyday. It’s hard but I know you can get used to it :D.

3. Step into basic workouts.

You might now feel very energized at this point, try moving up to basic workouts. Pushups (on your knees if you have to for starters), squats, jumping jacks and crunches are some of the basics…(if you don’t know how to do these basic work outs go on over to this website: <a href=””></a&gt;. It will teach you how to do these exercises :D) By the way, when you work out take it easy. You are just beginning and don’t need to tire yourself out so quickly, separate the amount you do per exercise session into three sets of five as a beginning amount.

These are just the beginning steps, stay tuned for the next step :D.

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